How to be sexy with a bunion on your feet?

How to stay sexy with a bunion on your feet?

Having a bunion on the feet and staying sexy are not incompatible. We agree that this deformity doesn’t look very glamorous. But it is possible to keep your entire power of seduction with the next tips. Discover how to be sexy with a bunion on your feet thanks to our 3 advice!

Opt for feminine and sexy shoes for bunions

During summer, it is quite easy to find shoes with a sufficiently wide toe box that are still elegant:

  • Heels for bunion sufferes should be 3 to 4 cm high to limit the progression of the hallux deformity. Do you know that high heeled shoes are one of the major risk factors for developing a bunion?
  • Opt for sandals that hide the bunion.
  • Avoid flip-flops that are far from flattering a bunion on the feet.

During winter, choosing sexy shoes for bunions is much more complicated! Fortunately, some brands had the good idea to create dress shoes for bunions with a wider front part while staying sexy. Indeed, a width of at least 9 cm is necessary in the front part of the shoe in case of hallux valgus or foot bunion.

At the end of the day, our feet and ankles tend to swell. This is why it is important to go shopping at this moment and to make sure you feel no pressure, especially on the bunion area.


Pamper your feet to forget your bunion

Any woman who has a bunion on her feet won’t contradict me... When you look at our feet, this is the only thing you see. But everybody is not focused on your big toe! While barefoot or with open shoes, the objective is rather to attract the gaze of people elsewhere than on this unsightly bump.

How to make this? The solution is to put your toes forward with an appropriate bright nail polish that attracts the attention of people. Also, don’t forget to take care of your skin by moisturising your feet daily. What could be less sexy than cracked heels?


Occasionally give yourself the right to be sexy

Even if wearing shoes that fit properly is crucial in case of a bunion on the feet, you can sometimes wear more glamour and sexy shoes with a bunion. Wearing high heels is not recommended with this deformity but feel free to wear them occasionally. Plan another pair of shoes that are more comfortable and adapted in case the party prolongs.


Thanks to these few tips, you know how to be sexy with bunion on your feet! To make sure it lasts, you can do regular exercises to limit the progression of the condition.