As a podiatry and orthopaedic care specialist for 25 years, EPITACT® offers a wide range of solutions to relieve the most frequent foot, hand and knee pain.

Our products are developed using innovative technologies that combine patented silicone gels and resistant and thin fabrics. On this website, you will enjoy comfortable, quality and long-lasting products for both day and night pain relief. Discover the EPITACT®’s foot protectors and correctors, hand and knee supports and braces.

EPITACT®, expert laboratory in podiatry and orthopaedic care

EPITACT® is a brand specialised in the health of the foot and musculoskeletal system for the past 25 years. We develop, manufacture and market medical devices to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body. Our mission is to prevent, relieve or treat some frequent, sometimes lifelong, chronic foot and joint pain, so we create innovative products gathering effectiveness, comfort and durability. Nowadays, EPITACT®’s covers major skin, nail, tendon, muscle and joint lesions.

Foot pain

  • Bunions, or hallux valgus;
  • foot corns;
  • ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia) and calluses;
  • heel spur or plantar fasciitis;
  • hammer toes and claw toes;
  • bruised and ingrown toenails;

Thumb, wrist and knee pain

  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • thumb arthritis, precisely basal thumb osteoarthritis;
  • patellofemoral pain syndrome;
  • knee arthritis, precisely knee osteoarthritis.


The whole range of EPITACT®’s products aims to meet the needs of all of us, in any situation. Indeed, they are designed to move with you during your recreative, sport and everyday activities whilst relieving pain during the day and support and soothe you at night or at quieter times. Moreover, our expertise goes as far as adapting specific technologies according to the different stages of your condition.

In order to give easy access to health and well-being, you can find EPITACT® on our website, in major retailers such as Boots, Lloyds and Well pharmacies.

The EPITACT®’s innovative and lasting technologies

Innovation is at the heart of EPITACT® since its creation. Thanks to our unique expertise in the formulation of silicone gel, we’ve been the first laboratory to develop washable and reusable foot care solutions.

Later, we’ve launched a new type of supports, thinner, lighter and more comfortable to relieve pain during daily activities. Those flexible day supports based on bodily self-awareness aid joint rest while preserving motion freedom. They are complementary to our braces that immobilise at night. Contrary to totally rigid and thick splints, those thin and light devices are made of pre-shaped semi-rigid reinforcements that adapt to your body and rest it comfortably.

Being aware that many healthcare problems are linked with sport, EPITACT® has also created a range of technical devices. Those are perfectly adapted to any sport practice. They provide a higher fit and support to enable you to continue or recover physical activity and help reduce the likelihood of re-injury.

This day, EPITACT®’s is the proud owner of 25 international patents!

The EPITACT®’s range of protections and orthotics

• The EPITACT® line includes a wide variety of solutions for preventing or relieving the majority of foot pain. By exploring our website, you’ll find protectors and correctors for the big toe, lesser toes, ball of the foot or heel.

• In the field of orthopaedics, EPITACT® suggests you supports and braces for the thumb, wrist and knee. Exclusively on, enjoy the duo offers! Because pain can alter both our activities and sleep, these allow a 24-hour action day and night.

What’s more, EPITACT® is a French brand which stands for high-quality and authentic products and services. Indeed, our products are created in our workshops and combine patented silicone gels with French technical fabrics. Extra point: EPITACT® answers all your questions and gives you advice through informative blog articles about your condition’s symptoms, causes, treatments, etc.

Every day, EPITACT® empowers you to improve your health. Together, it’s time to feel better!


These products are class I medical devices that bear the CE marking under this regulation. Carefully read the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 01/2023