How to wash a knee brace?

How to wash a knee brace?

How to wash a knee brace? Can you wash it in a washing machine? How often?

Wearing a knee supportive device is recommended for relieving some patella disorders (arthritis, patellofemoral pain syndrome…). For chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, the knee brace should be worn every day and washed regularly. However, the washing instructions are very important not to damage the device and provide a long-lasting efficiency. In this article, you’ll learn how to wash the knee braces by EPITACT®*


How to wash a knee brace?

For hygiene reasons and as a precaution, it is recommended to wash your knee brace before wearing it, in a machine, at 30°C. To preserve its good condition, we advise you to place it in a washing net before washing it. You would avoid snags caused by self-gripping strips or zip from other clothes.


How to dry a knee brace?

After washing your knee brace, let it dry naturally. Above all, do not put it in the dryer; it could have disastrous consequences on the materials that constitute the brace! If you can’t do without your brace while it dries, enjoy the night to leave it to dry or have a second brace to ensure the shift. Always keep in mind that this type of knee support device should not be worn at rest or during prolonged sitting position but used in motion (walking, stairs, sport, etc.).

Also, banish the iron that would deteriorate the silicone and technical fabrics of your brace. Your knee brace is now ready for use!


How to clean a knee brace?

For the regular knee brace cleaning, put it in warm soapy water (use a soft soap) and rinse it with clean water. Then, leave your brace to air dry. Or, put it in a washing machine at 30°C. For optimal holding, clean the silicone parts every two days in addition to machine washing every week.

In the case of big stains (mud for runners or mountain bikers for example), gently rub the fabric with a soft brush or a rag. Once the dirt is removed, machine or hand wash the knee brace like described previously. Adding softener is not recommended. Indeed, it may reduce the “adhesive” effect of silicone.


Which products to use to wash a knee brace?

To wash the Medical* or Sport* knee brace developed by EPITACT®, household or soft soap are the most appropriate products. They’re soft but remain efficient and adapted to the materials that constitute the brace. If you wash it in the machine, use your classic laundry detergent but do not use disinfectant.


How long should you wear a knee brace?

The materials and design guarantee a 6 months lifespan. However, depending on the regularity and intensity of the wearing, this estimation can be revised upwards or downwards. This duration gives you an indication on the optimal duration of use of the brace to assess benefits. With wear and tear and time, and despite their quality, the technical materials may stretch and become less effective.


Do not hesitate to read the downloadable cleaning instructions available on each product page or provided in the package. It will give you additional information about the use and washing of your knee brace.


*These solutions are class I medical devices that bear the CE marking under this regulation. Carefully read the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 02/2022