Personal data

données personnelles epitact

We know that you care about how your personal data are used, and we committed to proceed cautiously and wisely concerning the use or the share of these data. This note describes our procedures for collecting and processing your personal data through our website.

In charge of processing

MILLET INNOVATION, located at the 309, allée des Lavandes Z.A. Champgrand 26270 LORIOL-SUR-DROME, is in charge of the processing of the personal data collected and processed through our website

Which personal data about its clients MILLET INNOVATION is collecting?

We are collecting your personal data in order to offer you the products that fit you the most and to continuously improve our products and services.

You will find below the different types of data we are collecting.

Data you provide us

We collect and save all data you provide us through our website related to the creation of an account: title, date of birth, name, surname, email address. For a proper online purchase process, we collect the following data: title, age, name, surname, “plain-text” password, email address, delivery address, and invoice address. We also keep your order history within the legal requirements of 5 years.

Data automatically collected

While you are browsing our website, we are automatically receiving and collecting certain types of data, such as data regarding your usage, in particular the way you interact with the content and the available services on the EPITACT® website. Like many other websites, we use “cookies” but also unique identifiers and we obtain certain types of data when your browser or your device accesses the content displayed in our website.

For which purpose is MILLET INNOVATION processing my personal data?

We process your personal data in order to give and improve the services we offer to our clients. These purposes include:

Order, products delivery and services supply.

We use your personal data with the purpose to save and process orders, products deliveries, services supply, payments and communications with you that have to do with your orders, the products, the services and our promotional offers.

Supply, problems solving, and improvement of the services of the EPITACT® brand.

We use your personal data to offer you features, to analyze performance, to correct errors and to improve the access and the efficiency of our services.

Recommendations and personalization

We use your personal data in order to suggest you features, products and services that you might find interesting; to identify your preferences and personalize your experience with the EPITACT® brand.

To communicate with you

We use your personal data to communicate with you about our brand EPITACT® through different channels (e.g.: phone, email, chat, mail).


We use your personal data to show you ads based on your interests concerning features, products, and services that you might find interesting. You may also receive by mail or email offers from other companies all across Europe.

Fraud prevention

We process your personal data in order to prevent and detect any fraud or abuse with the aim of protecting our clients and company safety.

Purposes for which we need your consent

We may also need your consent to process your personal data for a purpose that we will specify you. When you consent to the processing of your personal data for this specific purpose, you can withdraw your consent at any time and we will cease any processing of your personal data for this purpose.

What about the cookies?

In order to allow our systems to recognize your browser or your device and to offer you an unique experience with the brand EPITACT®, we use “cookies”.

Consent choices

Are my personal data protected?

We design our systems and devices caring about the safety and the protection of your personal data.

We protect the safety of your personal data when they are transmitted by using the SSL Software (Secure Sockets Layer Software) that encrypts the data that you enter before they are sent to us.

We maintain physical and electronic precautions and back-up procedures concerning the collection, the conservation and the communication of the personal data of our clients. Our safety procedures may bring us to ask you a proof of your identity before being able to share with you your personal data.

Our devices have safety features in order to protect them against attempts of unauthorized access or a loss of data.

It is important for you to be protected against unauthorized accesses to your password and your computer, devices and apps. If you’re sharing a computer, you must log out after each use.

To which data can I have access?

You have access to your data, including your name, your surname, your addresses, your account information and your web orders history in the section “my personal information” on our website

What options are available for me?

Please contact our customer service by email ( ) or by phone at 0800-331-7064 for any question or objection concerning the collection and the processing of your personal data.

As mentioned above, you have the possibility to communicate only some information, but in that case, you won’t be able to use all of our services.

You can add or update some information in the “my personal information” section. If you update an info, we don’t save a copy of your previous info.

If you don’t want to receive email or other communications from us, please modify the “contact preferences” section in your personal information. If you don’t want to receive any notification from us, please modify the notification parameters in your apps (browser…)

The “Help” section of the toolbar of most browsers and devices explains you how to refuse new “cookies” or how to receive a message from your browser to warn you when they are active or how to disable all “cookies”. To the extent that the “cookies” allows you to enjoy some essential features, we recommend you to enable them.

If you want to browse anonymously our website, you can do it by logging you out of your personal information and by disenabling the cookies on your browser.

When you consent to the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose, you can withdraw this consent at any time and we will cease any processing of your personal data for this purpose.