7 advice to fight against arthritic thumb

7 advice to fight against rhizarthrosis - Epitact

The rhizathrosis  or arthritic thumb is the arthritis located at the base of the thumb (trapeziometacarpal joint ). It affects mostly women from 50 and often starts by the dominant hand, but both hands are often affected by the thumb arthritis . Genetic factors, menopause or the repetition of some movements seems to encourage its appearance.


Fight against the worsening of the arthritic thumb with 7 advice

  1. Avoid repetitive hand movements and carrying heavy objects with one’s arm straight out.
  2. In front of the computer screen, limit the use of the mouse. Keep the elbow bent with right angle and the wrists aligned with the forearm to type on the keyboard.
  3. Avoid all twisting of the thumbs.
  4. Try to keep the hand aligned with the arm.
  5. Avoid overdoing it by using both hands to carry heavy objects.
  6. Avoid grabbing objects with your fingertips. Try to have maximal contact with the object.
  7. Wear orthosis * regularly because they can reduce painful feelings and keep the flexibility of the joint .
Rhizarthrosis treatments

Do not hesitate to put these advice against the worsening of the rhizarthrosis into practice, and do not forget to let us know which changes it has brought in your daily life.


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