Treating and preventing the patellar syndrome

Treating and Preventing the Patellar Syndrome

Understanding your patellofemoral syndrome and its predisposing factors will help you find the right solution to treat this very frequent pathology in sportspersons. You do sports and have a patellar syndrome ? If so, find out the solutions that we suggest you in 4 different points!


Wear orthopedic solesConsult your chiropodist

Wearing orthopedic soles helps correcting flat feet and feet in pronation, which are often the cause of a patellar syndrome . Sole can also help compensating an imbalance in the pelvis region (leg shorter than another), which can contribute to the appearance of the syndrome.


Physiotherapy Consult your physiotherapist

One of the reasons for the appearance of the patellar syndrome can be a muscular imbalance. This imbalance reduces the capacity of keeping the kneecap in its right line. The physiotherapist’s mission is to reinforce your kneecap stabilizing muscles to avoid this from happening.


Take medicationsConsult your doctor

In case of too much pain related to inflammatory outbreaks, doctors can recommend you to take anti-inflammatory pills. So this treatment will reduce inflammatory type of pain.


Use medical devicesConsult your doctor

A joint support kneepad* can be a noticeable solution to prevent unpredictable dislocation of the kneecap . It is important to choose a thin and light kneepad that will not hold your movements when doing sport activities. Otherwise your kneecap stabilizing muscles could weaken and you’ll be in a vicious circle!


Here are 4 ways to protect your knees if you’re suffering from a patellar syndrome . Use them accordingly to the cause of your pathology . Nevertheless if you want to prevent the pain or the appearance of this syndrome, it is possible to play the prevention card!


*This product is a class I medical device that bears the CE marking under this regulation. Read carefully the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 08/2020

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