What shoes to wear with a bunion (hallux valgus)?

What shoes to wear with a bunion?

Hallux valgus often makes the wearing of shoes uncomfortable. Thus, the choice of shoes becomes essential to preserve the pleasure of walking. Here are some tips to help you combine bunion on the foot with comfort.


Choosing shoes in case of hallux valgus

Link between shoes and hallux valgus

In order to reduce the progression of your hallux valgus , enjoy the summer season to provide your feet some rest with minimalist models of shoes! Open shoes, sandals and flip-flops will give your enable your feet more room and avoid rubbing and compressions with the footwear. Prefer shoes with a thong between the first and second toe for a ‘spacer effect’. Avoid shoes with a thong that squeezes the first phalanx : it would increase its deviation.

At home, remove your shoes as much as possible to constrain your toes as little as possible.

Shoes adapted to your activity

Who hasn't fallen for an adorable and super trendy pair of shoes? By wearing them occasionally, your feet aren't threatened.

Just think about changing regularly the model of shoes to vary the supports: wearing the same pair several days in a row favours the deformity of the shoe and its soles. Indeed, the humidity in the shoe resulting from natural sweating of the feet can’t dry from one day to the next.

Finally, adapt the type of shoe to your activity: sport, work, ceremonies...

Opting for shoes with a moderate heel height

You might think it’s a question of common sense! High heels push the foot towards the front of the shoe, increasing pressures on the joint of the first metatarsal bone and consequently, on the hallux valgus . In case of wedge heels, the knees are the one suffering the consequences. Definitely to be banned...

Silicone protections to avoid rubbing

While wearing dress shoes, you can limit rubbing by putting on silicone bunion shield on the affected areas. The EPITACT® bunion protector* was conceived to ease pain immediately by protecting from pressures and frictions. Thin, it is discreet in the shoe. Also, this reusable bunion shield is washable.

Flat shoes are not a miracle cure either

Ballerinas or classic tennis shoes, appearing so comfortable, do not support the foot arch and can have bad consequences, in particular inflammations of the tendon located under the foot (aponeurosis).

If you want walking or dancing all night, opt for shoes with a heel height from 3 to 4 cm. Your whole body will be grateful to you.

Choosing a form adapted to your hallux valgus

To choose the right shoes, the ideal is to go shopping at the end of the day when the feet tend to be swollen.

While trying a pair of shoes in the store (and I repeat ‘a pair’ because each foot is different), check that they don’t cause pressure points on your foot. The space at the tip of the shoe must be large enough. So, avoid pointy shoes even if the dictates of fashion encourage you to consumption. When the seller tells you: ‘The shoes will stretch’, don’t believe her/him! You must feel comfortable immediately during the fitting.

Opting for flexible materials shoes

To get the best comfort possible in the shoes, they have to be adapted to the foot shape: to do so, favour shoes with flexible materials. Some fine leathers such as the lamb or woven leathers are particularly recommended for the shoes compatible with a hallux valgus . The fabric is also an interesting alternative. Indeed, you can forget plastic shoes that can be recognized thanks to the diamond symbol. This kind of shoes is not sufficiently flexible to be comfortable when worn on a daily basis. In addition, they may favour maceration and therefore the development of mycoses.


To sum up, to be comfortable in the shoes in case of hallux valgus , opt for a wide toe shoes made of flexible leather with a low heel from 3 to 4 cm for women and 2 cm for men. As a complement, feel free to preserve the joint flexibility of the bunion with some regular exercises to avoid worsening of the deformity.


What shoes to wear with a bunion?

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