Loss of hand grip strength: causes and solutions

Loss of hand grip strength: thumb arthritis?

Hand osteoarthritis (rhizarthrosis) can be really annoying, leads to a decreasing of the strength, makes grabbing of objects difficult and also makes daily movements hard. Some sports stimulating the fingers joints or activities causing repetitive microtraumas in the hand (sawing, cooking, playing the piano…) can facilitate its development. Even though the genetic factor is not to be exclude, repetitive movements are indeed a well-known cause.

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What can I do to spare and relieve my painful thumb?

THE SOLUTION: Adapt your daily movements, your tools and your working space.

For example:

  • For prevention, avoid traumatic hand movements and carrying heavy objects with one’s arm straight out.
  • In front of the computer screen, limit the use of the mouse.
  • Keep the elbow bent with right angle and the wrists aligned with the forearm to type on the keyboard.
  • Try to keep the hand aligned with the arm.
  • Avoid all twisting of the fingers, the thumbs and the wrists.
  • Arrange your personal and working environment.
  • Avoid overdoing it by using both hands to carry heavy objects.
  • Avoid grabbing objects with your fingertips (have maximal contact with the object).



Choose to wear an activity orthosis* and a rest orthosis*: these braces must place the thumb in a resting position, open the corner between the thumb and the index finger and limit the traumatic micro- movements. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist for advice. The orthosis is different from a brace (non-circular), which the objective is to keep the member stable or to support it. The orthosis aims to compensate for a lacking or a missing function.

Try homeopathy: Hedeoma pulegiodes 5CH is recommended to help when suffering from rhizarthrosis. Take 5 pills one, twice or even 3 times a day according to the pain intensity.


Don’t forget the anti-inflammatory solutions: some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are available without medical prescription. But other solutions such as phytotherapy can help you to ease the symptoms.


Massage the base of your thumb with the wintergreen essential oil: use the wintergreen essential oil to calm an arthritis crisis. It is made up of 99% of methyl salicylate, an analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance which is very close to aspirin. Massage the thumb regularly on each side from bottom to top in order to oxygenate and to improve the blood circulation.


Do exercises to keep the mobility of your joint and improve its flexibility:

  • You can knead modelling clay or a foam ball.
  • Pull your thumb to stretch it.
  • Hold your hand on a table and raise your thumb towards your wrist.
  • Place your thumbs one next to another and push on each side to create a mini-resistance.
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*These products are a class I medical device that bear the CE marking under this regulation. Carefully read the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 03/2020