Patellar syndrome and running

Patellar Syndrome and Running

The runner is stubborn (runner’s words), he likes running and wants to run despite the weather, the time, the tiredness, and sometimes even when he’s assailed by pain. One of the most frequent pain among runners is the patellar syndrome , also known as patellofemoral syndrome. Sometimes, pain can be so intense that it becomes necessary to inquire about this pathology in order to find efficient solutions to relieve it.


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'Knee pain?'

When a runner suffers from a patellar syndrome , the pain can appear before and/or after long runs. This pain varies between shooting pain, diffuse pain and acute pain. When the pain is manageable, it can be felt at the start of the running session and disappear quite quickly once the body is warmed up. Nevertheless, this pain reappears once the training is over as soon as you sit down again. When the pain is acute as soon as you wake up, it’s difficult to go running. In this case, the pain is often felt all day long and it’s really disabling.

'What do I do to treat this patellofemoral syndrome?'

Make an appointment with your doctor to confirm the diagnosis: a sports specialist preferably. He will probably prescribe you physiotherapy sessions.

  • In the meantime, even if the only thing you’re thinking is: 'No way, I have a run to train!', you have to reduce the training session (sorry but it’s for your own sake!). This step is important to reduce the inflammation of your joint .
  • In order to reduce the inflammation of your joint and in addition to rest:
  1. Avoid shuffling (make big steps);
  2. Limit, as far as possible, prolonged sitting;
  3. Practise stretching of the calf, hamstrings and quadriceps;
  4. For those who really miss physical efforts, you can use an exercise bike on low resistance. It’s recommended and perfect for recovery.

In conclusion, it’s important to take care of one’s knees, especially when one runs! Indeed, the repetition of the movement during each stride contributes to the wear and tear on the cartilage and it’s more pronounced if you suffer from a patellar syndrome .

Do not hesitate to share your personal experience if you’re running and you’re suffering from patellar syndrome ! Let us know how you’re managing/healing your knee pain .

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