6 tips to relieve throbbing bunion pain at night

How to relieve throbbing bunion pain at night?

Take 6 good tips for relieving throbbing bunion pain at night and finding restful nights again!

It is well known that hallux valgus, also named a bunion, can cause discomfort when wearing shoes. Nevertheless, having throbbing bunion pain at night is another consequence of such a foot problem, even if you are not wearing shoes. How to make sure that hallux valgus does not disturb your sleep? Learn here how to relieve pain from a bunion at night: discover the bunion splints, the best bunion correctors, creams and exercises!


Bunion splints help to relieve throbbing bunion pain at night

Realigning your toe during the day while walking is good, but correcting it also at night is even better! The best bunion correctors for night provide good relief and correction to limit the progression of the deformityComfortable bunion splints protect and act positively on your hallux valgus, even at night.

The EPITACT® night splint* reduces throbbing bunion pain at night by realigning the big toe. It also relieves the discomfort caused when the sheets and mattress put pressure on the bunion.


Relieving bunion pain during the day

That’s right! This could be surprising but the way you treat your feet during the day may have consequences on your sleep. For example, high heels, pointy or narrow shoes can cause or increase pain from a bunion.

To relieve bunion pain during your day, EPITACT® suggests you one of the best bunion correctors: the flexible bunion support*. It helps realign the big toe in case of mild bunions. It is very thin, light and flexible so that it fits into your shoes. This bunion corrector also exists in sport version*.

If you have an advanced bunion, EPITACT® recommends you the bunion protector*. This device is effective at distributing pressure and absorbing rubbing on the bunion from the shoe. It can also be worn in any type of shoes.


Stretching exercises can help throbbing bunion pain at night

To limit the progression of the deformity and throbbing bunion pain at night, you can do some short exercises on a daily basis. To get relief from bunions, those exercises consist in keeping the flexibility of the forefoot and limiting the big toe joint stiffness. Find out some exercises to strengthen your muscles and keep joint flexibility in our dedicated article: Exercises for hallux valgus/bunion.


Soothing joint discomfort with special creams

Most of the time, throbbing bunion pain at night is a consequence of joint problems. To soothe this joint pain, you can apply a specific cream that reduces the discomfort and helps you find a good night’s sleep again.



Taking medicines (painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs) is a good way of relieving throbbing bunion pain at night. However, this is not a suitable solution in the long term.


Well-fitting shoes help throbbing bunion pain at night

Poorly-fitting shoes are one of the most significant risk factors for developing bunions. Narrow and tight shoes exert a lot of pressure against the bunion, which can lead to inflammation and increase throbbing bunion pain at night. Bonus tip: you can apply ice packs against your bunion in order to relieve inflammation and so redness, heat and pain.

Moreover, pointed shoes force the big toe to follow the curve of the shoe and deviate towards the other toes. You should also avoid high heels that transfer the weight of your body to your forefoot and increase the stress of your big toe joint.

To resume: just remember to wear flexible and comfortable shoes, with a wide toe box and a heel whose height does not exceed 4 cm.


Throbbing bunion pain at night probably won’t last if you take care of your feet. Remember that hallux valgus is a deformity that cannot disappear over time.  You’ve learnt how to relieve throbbing bunion pain, now try to put them into practice and you will fully enjoy your nights.

If, despite all this advice, you continue to feel pain, consult your doctor. You and your doctor can discuss other ways of treating your bunions, including the surgical treatment option.


*These products are class I medical devices that bear the CE marking under this regulation. Carefully read the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 07/2021