4 advice to relieve the foot bunion at night

Some advice to relieve night pains related to hallux valgus and find a better night’s sleep.
Advice to relieve the bunion at night

It is well known that the hallux valgus , also named a bunion , can cause discomfort when wearing shoes. Nevertheless, it can also be painful at night without footwear. How to make sure that this foot deformity does not disturb your sleep? Here is some advice to relieve the hallux valgus at night...


Realigning the big toe during the day

That’s right! This could be surprising but the way you treat your feet during the day may have bad consequences on your sleep quality at night. For example, shoes that are not adapted, too narrow, too pointy or high heels can have a negative impact on the big toe joint . In this case, the bunion becomes painful. To relieve pain, you can wear the flexible bunion corrector* for day use, also called a toe corrector. Thus, you will avoid fallen forefoot and favour good night’s sleep. You can also wear the bunion brace sport* during your physical activities which helps realign your toe even while moving.

EPITACT® also offers a thin and discreet bunion protection* dedicated to reduce pressures and frictions between the foot and the shoe.


Doing daily exercises

To limit the progression of hallux valgus and its complications, it is important to do some short exercises on a daily basis. To be pain-free in the long term, two main objectives consist in keeping a flexibility of the forefoot and limiting the joint stiffness. Find out some exercises to strengthen your muscles and keep joint flexibility in our dedicated article: Exercises for hallux valgus/bunion.


Soothing joint discomfort

Most of the time, pains occurring at night are a consequence of joint problems. During the day, another cause of discomfort is the contact between the shoe and the bunion . To soothe these joint pains at night, you can apply a specific cream effective for avoiding the discomfort and finding good night’s sleep.


Protecting your hallux valgus at night

Realigning your toe during the day while walking is good, but realigning it also at night is even better! Thus, the deformity progression will be limited. Comfortable braces* enable you to protect and act positively on your hallux valgus , even at night. Some braces can also protect from the discomfort caused by the contact between the bunion and the sheet or mattress: the bunion protector*. Indeed, for people who are sensitive to this kind of rubbing, the pain is unbearable. However, note that hallux valgus is a deformation that cannot disappear over time.


The night pain related to the hallux valgus is not irreversible: wearing adapted shoes is crucial but you can also do some daily exercises and wear braces which will contribute to soothe your pain. In this way, you will fully enjoy your nights and benefit from restful sleep.


*These products are class I medical devices that bear the CE marking under this regulation. Carefully read the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 07/2021

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