How to ease hammer toe pain?

How to ease hammer toe pain?

Hammer toes, claw toes and mallet toes are deformities that mainly affect women, especially because of their shoes. However, these conditions are not just a matter of narrow shoes and high heels. Indeed, heredity, foot muscle imbalance and flat feet also come into play.

Well, hammer toes are unsightly but above all painful in the shoes. EPITACT® gives you some treatment options and tips to ease hammer toe pain, claw toe pain and mallet toe pain and prevent corns on your toes.


How to relieve hammer, claw and mallet toe pain?

Several mechanisms help the development of bent toes. If you understand them, you can prevent or reduce mallet, hammer and claw toe pain.

Wear appropriate and well-fitting shoes

Hammer toe pain comes from foot muscle imbalance or poor distribution of pressure on the foot.

Indeed, wearing high heels transfers the body weight from the heel to the forefoot. Such a pressure causes hyperextension of the joint at the base of the toe (the metatarsophalangeal joint). Then, it forces the first interphalangeal joint (the farthest to the toenail) to go up.

In the same way, narrow and tight shoes compress the toes and may cause other deformities like a bunion (big toe deformity), which also lead to poor distribution of loads and lesser toes deformities.

If you want to know how to ease hammer toe pain, you should first wear comfortable shoes with a wide-toe box and a small heel (< 4 cm). Same advice for relieving claw toe and mallet toe pain.

How to ease hammer toe pain related to corns?

In hammer toes, the affected joint is the first interphalangeal joint, which is flexed downward. As a consequence, it rubs against the shoe and a dorsal corn can form. To relieve hammer toe pain caused by a corn on top of the toes, EPITACT® has created the DIGITUBES® silicone protections that absorb friction and distribute pressure which is the first triggering factor of corns. This toe sleeve is also very thin and goes unnoticed in your shoes.

How to relieve mallet toe pain related to corns?

Mallet toes affect the second interphalangeal joint (the nearest to the toenail), which is bent downward. As the tip of the toe presses excessively the ground, a corn can form. To relieve mallet toe pain caused by a distal corn, EPITACT® has created the Digitops*. They are also silicone protections that relieve pressure and friction between the shoe and the end of the toe.

How to relieve claw toe pain caused by a corn?

Claw toes are a combination of hammer toes and mallet toes. According to the location of your corn, opt for one of the two solutions mentioned above: the DIGITUBES® sleeves* for dorsal corns, the Digitops* for distal corns.

To ease hammer toe pain, you can also reduce the pressure on your toes 

If one or more of your toes are affected and if your toe joints are still moving, you can help your toes to unfold and straighten. This reduces the pressure from the shoe on the distal or middle joint of your toe, eases hammer toe pain and limits the formation of corns.

This is the solution invented by EPITACT®: the hammer toe cushions* provide immediate comfort by fitting perfectly the area underneath your toes. It stays very well in place and can be washed and reused for several months. (Note that if your joint is stiffened, you can’t use this device but a foot surgery could be your best option.)

Wear foot braces or orthopaedic insoles

To relieve claw toe pain, mallet toes and hammer toes, you must consult your general practitioner. Indeed, remember that those deformities may originate from another deformity like bunions or flat feet. Once he has analysed your foot shape, your doctor may recommend orthopaedic insoles.

Regular foot care

Nothing’s better than taking care of your feet to feel better in your shoes! Nourishing your skin with a moisturising cream on a daily basis is a first tip. Also, use a pumice stone to remove dead skin on your feet regularly. It can reduce the thickness of hard skin and so the pressure on your foot.


We hope that advice will help you relieve the pain of claw toes, mallet toe pain or hammer toe pain.

You now know how to ease hammer toe pain with easy tips. If you need more information about hammer and claw toes, read the next article!


*These solutions are class I medical devices that bear the CE marking under this regulation. Carefully read the instructions before use. Manufacturer: Millet Innovation. 04/2020